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Watch Emma’s speech and take action

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How did you handle the critics when you spent so long without scoring?
Apparently in England there’s a difference between the papers who brag about being serious publications and the really sensationalist ones. It isn’t something that affects me, really.
But, tell me, what was it like during those weeks when you just couldn’t score?
Media-wise, it was made quite sure that the situation appeared more extreme than it really was. I always tried to take the whole thing as normally as I possibly could. That’s why I went to training every day, to work myself out, to be focused, to forget about what might’ve happened the weekend before, and to prepare for the next match. And if it that went wrong too, I simply told myself I had to keep on working.
You left Liverpool for Chelsea. How did that came to be? Did your desire to win titles conquered above everything else?
It’s during situations as extreme as that one when you truly get to know a club, and the people who surround you. A certain story about my departure was fabricated and sold to the press, a story that pointed all fingers towards me, and the reason that version of the events was so successful was because at that time, Liverpool was very powerful, media-wise. From that moment on, it was all about finding new ways to attack me. They were trying to find someone to blame, and they did. They’re like that, in England. But that’s not the right way to go on about it, blaming people. In my opinion, pointing fingers and looking for culprits in these type of situations, and I mean when it comes to matches, transfers, signings, etc., is very mediocre. There is no need to do that because there’s never only one culprit, it’s never black or white, there are many version of the same story, and perhaps many truths. They had their version, and that was the only version the media got their hands on, and I didn’t feel like talking then… maybe that was a mistake. But it’s in the past now. In that moment, I saw how certain people within the club began acting: they told me one thing, and then they told the press a very different thing. It came to a point, after several things had happened, where I could finally see that they weren’t about to keep their word, their promises. But one thing became very clear: I’d only ever had one home, and that was Atlético. And that if I had left home with the sole purpose of winning, I had to keep on trying. Chelsea gave me that opportunity, and in that sense, it worked.
Liverpool is a working class town, full of hard working people. Is it more similar to your Fuenlabrada than the luxurious London?
There’s such a big contrast. Liverpool fit me perfectly, in every way: from the relationship between the supporters and the players, to the kind of people who live there, hard-working, humble people. Good people. I’ve heard some people saying that Liverpool is a dangerous place, because of certain areas or neighborhoods that are perceived to be everything but glamorous, but I loved that more than anything. I loved that because I’d grown up in a very similar place. And that’s something that stays with you forever, it brands you. And it wasn’t like that at all you know, “dangerous”. People always did their best to see you happy and to help you in every way they could, they were only waiting for the weekend to arrive so they could go watch their team play. That’s what gets them through the day sometimes. I spent three and a half years of my life living there, and they were exceptional years. My boy was born there, and I’m really proud of the fact that his birth certificate says that he is from Liverpool.
Funnily enough, your debut as a Blue was against Liverpool, at Stamford Bridge, and you lost. Were you able to concentrate at all or was it practically impossible to get any sleep the night before?
It was a very, very difficult week to get through. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. The way the Liverpool supporters perceived me had changed so drastically in a matter of days, from one week to the other. But that’s what they had been told, what they had read, that’s the story they were being sold, and I can’t blame them for believing it. But I was really, really affected by that and it still hurts, because I have nothing but love for them. Nothing but love, respect and admiration, after having spent such fantastic three and a half years by their side. And that’s something nothing will ever change. Even if I go back to Anfield and I get booed and jeered at as I have before, it won’t change how I feel about them. I wouldn’t dare to say a bad word about Liverpool fans, only that they were very intoxicated at the time, they were told a story that was untrue. To be honest I wasn’t able to think about football that week. For months, everything was so strange. I wouldn’t advise anyone to change clubs during the winter.
Can you give us a scoop about the truth that will come out one day?
All in due time. (x)

Happy 32nd Birthday Billie Piper! ♥ (22nd September 1982)

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Jose’s watching Leicester City vs Man United game with City’s staff at Etihad Stadium. hahaha

Happy 32nd Birthday, Billie Piper! (22/09/1982)

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dr who series 1 episode guideepisode 1: plastic mickey goes to town
episode 2: loose piece of skin causes turmoil while the earTH IS INCINERATED
episode 3: shit goes down in cardiff (and you know it will again)
episode 4/5: farting aliens try to take over the government and they would have gotten away with it if it hadnt been for you meddling kids and your vinegar
episode 6: an angry robot sticks a plunger into the internet and learns the meaning of love
episode 7: simon pegg is loose and dangerous
episode 8: langoliers level 2
episode 9/10: stevie moffat straps a gas mask to an 8 year old. every other 8 year old in existence learns what fear means
episode 11: dr who takes a leftover fart alien on a date
episode 12/13: anne robinson's true form is revealed and rose explodes like twice at least


if you ever feel like a failure, just remember that jack crawford and the fbi arrested a vegan as the main suspect on a cannibal case

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